dave in the shack

shack-selfieI have a friend, Dave McClure. He’s retired from directing the La Salle County Youth Service Bureau.  He worked for a lot of years to make the lives of troubled children and their families better. He didn’t always succeed; sometimes the obstacles are too great. Still, he didn’t stop working, he didn’t stop caring. Although he's retired, he hasn't stopped working, he hasn't stopped caring. Now, he writes (and volunteers and loves, and lives a good life). He writes with heart and grace about everyday events both past and present. I suspect he will be writing a lot in the coming weeks and months. (Here’s a link to Dave’s blog) Dave is one of my heroes. Usually, we choose our heroes in childhood.  I didn’t meet Dave until I was about forty – an age that many of us have either outgrown or been disappointed by our heroes becoming jaded, cynical. Dave inspires me to be a better human being and to hope. But hope without action, is a delusion. So, I will begin to write today.

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