Do you Pinterest?

downloadPinterest... At best, it's just a bunch of pretty pictures or at worst filled with epic fails (think Thanksgiving Turkeys) you should avoid, right? Not really. It's actually a really good way to crowd-source ideas. and it's particularly good for sourcing recipe ideas and cooking techniques/tips. I eschewed Pinterest in favor of Google searches which got me answers from high traffic sites like All Recipes or Epicurious.  

A good friend and fabrenda and luisbulous WI Realtor  mBrenda+Luis-smallade a strong case for using Pinterest as it will bring content from smaller blogs and individual cooks that will have different takes on the ingredient, recipe or theme on which you ar searching. Also, it's a way to share and compare and organize visually. It's easy to set up a pin board. We've organized our boards by types of meat or eggs and have a separate "Life on the Farm" board. Feel free to visit our Pinterest page. Feel free to follow us, if you like. We'll be adding new boards and pinning to existing board more in the coming weeks. If you have pin boards you'd like to share (especially if they include our fabulous meats), we'd love to see them.

Sites like All Recipes have reviews and comments, but a lot of times they're more monolithic than I like. A dish you will find on our beef board is redang daging which is and Indonesian Beef Curry. It has become a family favorite. It is not a recipe we ever would have found by thumbing through our own cook books. We found it at this pin. From there we could go to a beautiful (and helpful blog) table twenty-eight.table-twenty-eight Pinterest is often a visual feast (epic fails aside - which can be entertaining) and can inspire me to try new recipes or techniques. We'll certainly be exploring more ourselves Please let us know how it goes for you!        

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  1. Ju says:

    I use it a lot to save recipes to try, things to make, design ideas and ideas for kids. I am in there almost every week when I try to make up our menu and grocery list for the week. I’ll check out your boards for ideas too!

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