Letter to Governor Rauner

  depositphotos_12376816-Stack-of-Old-booksGovernor Rauner, Did you read the Illinois Board of Higher Education's "Public Agenda for College and Career Success" before suggesting a 30% cut to higher education funding? If you haven't here is the link to the document: http://www.ibhe.org/masterPlanning/materials/070109_PublicAgenda.pdf The report outlines how it is critical that our state increase educational attainment to ensure economic resilience, competitiveness, and prosperity in the future. Also, it cites Illinois' lag in "innovation assets" which makes your proposal to cut 8% from the Illinois Math and Science Academy's budget especially puzzling. IMSA is world renowned for its STEM education outcomes as well as its ability to foster social and technological entrepreneurship through public/private partnerships and real world research for its students. It seems very counterproductive to cut funds to an Illinois institution that excellently equips our state's best and brightest students for the challenges (for both our state and country) they will face in the future . Please re-think your budget priorities to make Illinois a leader in higher education and STEM education, not an also-ran with a diminishing economic future. Sincerely,   Jody Osmund Ottawa, Illinois

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